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Thrive Today Magazine is designed to encourage and empower professional women of God— women who are fulfilling their callings, caring for their families, and experiencing a deeper relationship with God every day. We’re here to help you step into the abundant life God has for you. With insights from some of the biggest leadership names around the world, Thrive Today Magazine is sure to jumpstart your growth in this season of your life. Ready to get started? Subscribe today!
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When we asked professional women what they desired most it the response was almost universal: community. We went to work to help meet that need. Community is established through great conversations—that’s where trust is built. What better way to fuel these conversations than focusing in on what the Word of God says to and about female leaders?

This is how the Thrive Today Discussion series was born. It’s primary goal is to help women identify the authority of Scripture and connect it with their success in the marketplace. Each series contains personal and professional development content, discussion questions, key scriptures and action steps.

Self-reflection and prayer are the birthplace of innovation and change. It's time to expand your influence as you grow in faith. Discover premium, biblically-sourced content that will help you grow both personally and professionally.

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What People Are Saying About Different Colleen Rouse Books...
It is great having a community of like-minded women, who are strong in their faith but also career-oriented. Although we work in different industries, it is interesting to see that we still face similar challenges in the workplace. Additionally, we are all working to be a light in a dark place, lead with integrity, and support and uplift our colleagues and/or direct reports. Our small group leader has acted as our mentor in providing Godly counsel on our work challenges but also encouragement on seizing opportunities. She has challenged us each to step up to the plate for leadership and growth.
Reviewed by Jodi-Ann Wray
2017 was a year of professional growth for me and the Thrive group couldn't have come at a better time. The Thrive curriculum has challenged me to look at the qualities I should be developing in the work place and how to become a better leader. It was valuable to hear how women in a variety of roles and leadership positions have struggled or succeeded in their professions and how the characteristics of Mary could be applied. I thoroughly enjoyed our first study and look forward to what's next.
Reviewed by Sarah Brown

Every year, I speak to tens of thousands of women in the business world. it’s a new age for you: you’ve had hurdles to overcome to get into the higher positions you fill. I can sense that today, more than ever before, leaders and organizations are respecting and esteeming women. Leadership is influence, and women already have a head start, because you are relational.

When we came to the place of handing off the Thrive baton, we immediately settled on Colleen Rouse as the recipient. She’s a terrific woman leader, and we know she would take it to a new level— and she has. Thrive is now—fittingly—thriving, because of a woman who truly loves God and His people. She believes incredibly in your potential. I’m so excited that Thrive is hers, and I’m excited to see where it goes from here.

Women leaders, your day is here. Thrive is going to help you get there. Be encouraged, and go for it.

John C. Maxwell, Best-selling author and leadership expert

If you’re hungry for connection with other professional Christian women like you, this is the place to be. We don’t talk about the intersection of faith and work enough! God has a vested interest in how we spend our 9-to-5, and Thrive Today! is dedicated to helping you maximize your potential in every facet of your life. Join the community and discover everything they have
to offer!

Valorie Burton, international bestselling author, Successful Women Think Differently
John Maxwell

Thrive Today is a great place to connect with other professional Christian women. It is a space to discover different ways to weave your faith in with your work to maximize your potential in every facet of life.

Lisa Bevere, New York Times Bestselling author
John Maxwell
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